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Levels for all


Monthly or quarterly instalments should be made in cash or through bank account. Fees must be paid in advance during the first week of each month or quarter. A surcharge of 3€ will be added if instalments are returned unpaid more than three times. The students, who start the academic year later on, will have to pay the proportion of the remaining lessons of the current month.

 Enrolment fee:

An enrolment fee will be paid in cash. The enrolment fee is valid for the academic year (from October to June). Registration implies a guaranteed spot in the course. In order to register, students must fill in the inscription sheet. It isn't returned.


Students who wish to cancel their enrolment must give a fifteen day notice prior to the next payment round. No refunds will be provided for students who fail to give due notice. A drop-out form is available at the reception desk for this purpose.


Groups will be formed with a minimum of four students. The language school reserves the right to transfer a student to a different group for pedagogical reasons.

 We remind students that they need to be on time for lessons.

. Students who miss more than 60% of the lessons will not be allowed to pass the level.

 Private tuition:

Lessons missed without prior warning, will not be made up.

 Parents and/or students

willing to make an appointment with the teacher or headmistress could do so at any time during the year. In addition, reports will be handed out twice a year (in February and June).


Students who are sitting an official exam (i.e. FCE, CAE or CPE) must pay separate enrolment fees for these exams. Once students sit the exam, the course will be over.


Every registered student from Children 6 onwards will be given a password and user name to keep further contact with the teacher and to get access to the web material.


Books and DVDs are available on loan